Hearty Classics to enjoy

To tantalise your taste buds, Royal Sydney Oktoberfest will feature numerous German caterers serving up traditional meals such as pork hocks, schnitzels, bratwurst and other German sausages, brathendl (roast chickens), pretzels, German pastries and more!

Chicken Dance

With it’s signature crispy brown, herb-and-spice infused skin, Brathendl, or chicken roasted on the spit, is one of the most popular meals at the Munich Oktoberfest, and will be available piping hot at the Royal Sydney Oktoberfest.

Rolling Schnitzel

There’s nothing more German than a mouth watering schnitzel, and for that reason the Rolling Schnitzel will be serving up freshly crumbed pork and veal schnitzel rolls. Meal deals will also be available for those with an appetite!

Berlin Bangers

The delicious menu of Berlin Bangers is inspired by Germany’s favourite gourmet sausages and traditional toppings including sauerkraut, sauces and mustards, and will take your tastebuds straight to the mountains of Bavaria.

Pom Pom Frites

It sounds simple, and it is, but there is something super delicious about the crunchy German pommes frites that will be served at Royal Sydney Oktoberfest. Our pommes frites will be served with your choice of delicious condiments and sauces.

Sauerkraut Sisters

It wouldn’t be Oktoberfest without a huge range of tasty German sausages, and for that reason Sauerkraut Sisters are bringing all your favourites on 15 September! Expect traditional bratwurst varieties, kranski, currywurst, frankfurts and more…

Fritz’s Wieners

Fritz’s Wieners delivers authentic German Streetfood – just like you would find in Hamburg, Koeln, Duesseldorf or Munich. Using only the finest quality ingredients, they produce the tastiest, mouth watering sausages!

Luneburger German Bakery

Luneburger German Bakery offers traditional savoury Bretzels (big soft pretzels!) as well as delicious sweet and vanilla dough Bretzels, finished off with various filings and toppings. An experience not to be missed at the Royal Sydney Oktoberfest!

St. Berlin

The Saint Berlin food truck is distinctive to Australia’s food truck scene serving up crunchy, juicy, fried chicken, German style.

Gunter’s Flammkuchen

Flammkuchen – it’s not pizza, like most things German, it’s better! Gunter’s delicious flammkuchen is quick and tasty, so do yourself a favour and give it a try at Royal Sydney Oktoberfest!

De Wafel

Discover the joy of a hot, crispy waffle, kissed by caramelised sugar and delicious toppings. Freshly baked from their vintage De Wafel caravan at Royal Sydney Oktoberfest!


All made fresh to order using a Stroopwaffle press, a spiced waffle dough ball is pressed flat, once cooked the waffle disk is precisely sliced in two halves and smothered with warm caramel, which sticks the waffle halves together.

Gingerbread Corner

Traditional homemade gingerbread cookies that taste as good as they look! Gingerbread heart cookies are the favourite Oktoberfest accessory, whether for someone special at Royal Sydney Oktoberfest or as a take home souvenir.